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We have more than 40 years of custom home designing experience internationally.

Custom Homes Design process starts on the inside and I work my way out to the exterior. This is a little more of a complex process than the method they taught me at University; which is design the architecture first and fit the function into it. With my process I still have to take into consideration the interior design & function, the lot size, set backs, available footprint of the structure, building methods, zoning requirements & restrictions, simultaneously knowing what style I’m designing to.

Custom Homes DesignFor example, contemporary is easy because it is an exercise in geometry and can be fit to any lot. If I were to design a Georgian home, then it needs to be a basic rectangle with the period embellishments applied. If one is doing an Italian or French Country one has to take into consideration the juxtaposing of spaces in the planning process, in order to have the exterior look & feel as though its shape morphed over time. Because that’s why some of the older buildings look so interesting & have so much character.

In the days when they were built people would add a room or two as they could afford it. There was often not enough forethought applied as to the next addition. So, when they acquired more money the next addition became a challenge as to how to fit it on to the existing structure. There are also Italian & French formal styles that are very linear. Specific roof styles and materials as well the distinctive embellishments of the time in that specific country where used in a consistent manner on the exterior.


Custom Homes Design


When designing homes I try to find out as much of who the client is and what they feel. I want to craft their environment where those feelings can be expanded upon. A Custom Home Design can heal & bring us back on centre, allowing us to feel safe so the home becomes a sanctuary. After more than 40 years designing homes internationally in many countries, languages, climates & vernacular cultures I believe I have learned to connect to the clients pulse & also interpreting what supports their inner self & confirming who they are. Pride of place is so important a contributor to all that, especially including the custom house interior design and then to the decoration itself. Everything is interconnected to complete the living environment.

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