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Custom Homes Design process starts on the inside and works its way out to the exterior. This is a little more of a complex process than the method they taught me in University; which is design the architecture first and fit the function into it. With my process I still have to take into consideration the interior design, furniture placement (for room size), function, the lot size, setbacks, available footprint for the structure, building methods required, zoning restrictions and simultaneously knowing what style or period of architecture I’m designing to.

Custom Homes PortfolioFor example, Contemporary is easier than tradtional or transitional homes because regular residential contemporary is an exercise in geometry and can be fit to any lot easily. If I were to design a Georgian home for example, then it needs to be a basic rectangle with the period nuances and embellishments applied. If one is doing an Italian or French Country one has to take into consideration the juxtaposing of spaces in the planning process, in order to have the exterior look and feel as though its shape morphed over time as did the originals. That’s why some of the older buildings look so interesting and have so much character. To truly apply this concept a larger lot is generally need. Designing on a city lot is possible to achieve the feeling but not the time morph.

In the days when smaller homes were being built people would start with a modest basic structure then add a room or two as they needed the space or could afford it. There was often not enough forethought applied as to the next addition because of time and the necessity for the space. So, sometimes there was size and financial restraints; that is when imagination of the unschooled eye came into play creating additions an academic would not think of. There were also, of course, the larger formal styles that were designed by professionals. Specific roof styles and materials as well as the distinctive embellishments of the time were used and that style distinguished that Country’s Architectural Style

When designing homes I have to find out as much of who the client is and what factors contributes to what makes them gravitate to a specific. I want to craft their environment where those feelings can be included and expanded upon. A Custom Home Design can heal the soul and bring us back to center. This allows them to feel safe, so the home becomes their sanctuary. After more than 40 years designing homes internationally in many countries, languages, climates and the vernacular culture that I believe I have learned to connect to any client’s pulse and interpret their dreams. Pride of place is so important a contributor to all that, especially when the home is cohesively designed with the home, interior and landscape harmoniously unified into a single train of thought. Everything is interconnected to complete the living environment including the function and comfort. Most of my letters of referral state that I have gone beyond their expectations.

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