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THE VERY FIRST ONE IS THE OBJECTIVE PORTION: “Clients come to us to interpret and take them beyond their own abilities to interpret their vision in to reality”. This is the design of the interior of the home portion, in other words, the parts that are attached to the architecture. This must be thoughtfully and carefully planned out as it the the portion that is not only the backdrop for the furnishings but the the “bones” of the room that sets the tone and mood. I have always maintained that “If you walk into an empty room and it doesn’t feel good, STOP before you add anything else”. You must get the “bones” right first or you will be overcompensating afterward with items you don’t really need and will never achieve the desired effect.

Interior Designers TorontoTHE SECOND COMPONENT IS THE SUBJECTIVE PORTION: which is the decoration or “dressing of the bones”. Combining the two with equal thoughtfulness & care creates the maximum “mood” or “feel” that will draw you back & beckon you to want to spend more time there. All the rooms in the home should “feel” like this but also be harmonized together with a common thread. For example a colour or floor finish and of course, design theme so there is no visual shock as you move between rooms.

An essential component of any room is the lighting. I design it in 3 layers: the general lighting, the feature lighting, and the mood lighting. Each has a distinct job to contribute to different parts of the day and the mood at night. When designing Interiors of any style I will always instil a modern livability fusing some elements from the past.

I get excited to include Contemporary Art mixed with transitional Interior Design, it makes the space more relevantly current. Using antiques in a contemporary interiors is always a tight balancing act. I also like adding unique and one of a kind accessory components in any space as they become conversation pieces and adding character & anchoring any room to the past. Objectively selecting classic antique lighting fixtures and accessories objectively will also confirm the authenticity of a design.

You can also find me under Interior Designers Toronto designing for either historical purists or injecting the past into a contemporary room with character for an entirely different “looks” and client. One set of my resources can provide me with reclaimed flooring from French or Italian Chateau’s, 300 year old beams, Terra Cotta or ceramic tiles, architectural artifacts, authentic period trim Interior Designers Torontohardware from the same moulds that were used hundreds of years ago, just to name just a few. There is my secret door manufacturer who will use my reclaimed material and make me authentic interior or exterior doors and manage to maintain the great patina you just can’t replicate. Then there are materials like contemporary porcelain tile in sheets that are bendable or 90 million year old aquatic fossilized stone from Utah that I’ve used for open “butterfly”shower walls. The choices are only confined by ones imagination.

I have seen interior and exterior designs take on many styles over the last 50 years. I do understand the thinking behind current modern residential design but in my opinion, most of those designers don’t seem to find the two essential ingredients of the and inclusion of personality and character as very important. I also accept there are exceptions to every rule but some of these design exceptions do transcend the common design practice and have also mastered form material. The largest percentage of the world’s population for home interiors want and need to feel good about their surroundings and want to be able to relate to their surroundings as well as make it part of their identity. Anchoring the room to the past is not the same as living in the past, at all. With the commercial interior design I do, I still apply all the same design philosophy.


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