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Landscape Designers RESIDENTIAL LANDSCAPING is not initially fully appreciated because it takes time to mature and reach its full appreciation as it was originally designed. It is an investment, not only for resale value but also an emotional rewards watching it grow, reaching its full maturity and design concept. Landscape Design does require an experienced, diligent and sensitive designer who understands the land, specific planting to fit the architecture, mood & feel the client and property requires.

Most homeowners don’t realize the difference between a landscape company and a landscape designer/architect. A landscape company is generally a supplier and installer. Granted some have a lot of experience with pricing, plant types and hardscape materials but generally don’t go beyond that. The Landscape Architect/Designer looks at the whole picture. Starting with how the property and planting beds will drain, horticultural requirements, soil analysis and amendment requirements, sunlight patterns, enhancing the architecture, layering of plant material in size, colour and textures that will add to the over all aesthetics “feel” of the finished product.

Landscape Designers Each style of architecture requires its own plant material and planting style, the use, placement of large, medium, smaller trees, shrubs, plants and even florals appropriately will create form for the property without distracting or hiding the home itself. Landscape Design is such an integral part of solidifying the visual effect, unifying the whole exterior of the home and property. The selection of available planting material is enormous. So, one has to be vigilant in selecting the plantings that support the style and character of that specific home as well as liveability of the material placement.

Care must be taken when installing a living plant; starting with preparing and amending the soil properly; planting at the right depth; using root starter so as to minimizing transplant shock and maximize rapid root growth; filling the root ball hole with water and allowing it to soak into the surrounding earth before your plant is installed, filling in the hole with nutrient rich soil and finally watering properly for the first several weeks. I have seen many installers treat plants as a commodity instead of as a living organism. We have designed and installed in all 3 climate zones and the same care applies no matter what plant or where I’m planting it.

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